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New LSS Development

Life Support System (LSS) Specification Checklist


For new commercial or zoological aquaculture developments, or existing bodies of water where filtration does not exist, a consultation will examine the following parameters to determine the most effective bespoke solution to the clients requirements;


Type, number and size of animals to be housed within the body of water. Will the number of animals vary over time for example? The relevant Zoo Guidelines will be consulted for reference.


What does the client expect the LSS system to achieve; is underwater viewing required, is total clarity achievable within the available budget?


What space is available to house the LSS equipment, is it adjacent to the exhibit?


How would the client like the water to move within the exhibit? Is strong directional flow important? Is quiet operation important (i.e. little or no splashing)? Will the animals benefit from a specific flow regime?


Given any spatial, budgetary or other constraints, advice will be given on the most appropriate turnover rates through the LSS to achieve the client’s objectives.


How experienced are the staff at running and maintaining LSS systems? Will they need additional support and training to be able to operate the system effectively?


The summary report will encapsulate the results of these investigations and recommend the appropriate LSS to achieve these objectives. Where appropriate, different aquaculture equipment options will be given and the benefits of differing approaches will be clearly explained.


To book a Specification Audit on your new LSS or just for further information, please call Zootech on 0330 311 2575 or