Underwater & Above Ground Viewing

Zootech are the UK agents for high grade acrylic of the type Plexiglas GS which can be cut or bonded to virtually any size or thermoformed to a desired shape, e.g. aquarium tunnels or spherical shapes. Panels are installed and waterproofed, usually fully integrated in the building with the window blocks directly sealed into concrete openings.




Tropical World Exhibit

Convex Viewing Dome

Thermoformed curved

Exhibit panels

Doublin Zoo - Sealion Cove Viewing Panels

Dublin Zoo - Sealion Cove Viewing Panels CLICK TO WATCH VIDEO

•From small zoo exhibit viewing panels for insects, terrariums or the large see-through wall of an immense aquarium, the windows are supplied and installed with the exact same kind of care and precision

•Patented acrylic underwater viewing panels

•Supplied under the Lloyd’s hallmark

•The windows are produced in-house by engineers in the workshop

30 Year guarantee on the supplied products and services

•The underwater windows are chemical resistant, impact resistant, UV-resistant and resistant to pool cleaning

•Packages are available for easy self-assembly by means of a composite package

•Zoo Enclosure Viewing Panel windows are strong and have an insulating effect in the fields of sound and temperature

•The acrylic windows absorb spectator sounds therefore creating a more relaxed environment for the animals

•The application of Aqua Sight windows provides a stronger and safer “Immersive Experience” for spectators for a great zoo experience.


Polishing / Scratch Removal

•We are also able to polish existing acrylic panels, either above or under water, regardless of window size.


For advice and prices, please call 0330 311 2575