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LSS Design, Audit & Maintenance

Each LSS maintenance contract is tailored to the individual client's requirements. Depending upon the size and type of system, maintenance can be performed as often as every week up to every 8 weeks.


Our LSS Maintenance service comprises of: water chemistry analysis, livestock health overview, electrical & plumbing system inspection, replacing consumable products and replacing broken or worn parts when needed.


We cover the whole of the United Kingdom and Ireland, servicing all types of aquatic environments from aquariums, penguin and piniped enclosures to large sustainable coral reef systems. The whole operation is controlled from our head office in Cheshire.


Reliability and Professionalism


Our dedicated team of engineers, consultants and back-office support help to maintain and look after your LSS - you have access to the most experienced Aquaculture experts in the country. This way we are able to maintain high standards and ensure we provide an economic and valuable service.


LSS Audit


We offer an LSS Audit whereby we will interrogate water chemistry, livestock management, life support system efficiency, plumbing design and lighting to evaluate the performance of the LSS and establish areas of improvement.


Where an existing LSS is underperforming, or not achieving the objectives required of the system, a thorough investigation is undertaken to determine the likely causes. After the consultation, the client will receive a report outlining the nature of the problems and a suggested course of action.


We operate on a full or part redemption of the Audit fee against the cost of replacing consumable products and replacing broken or worn parts as documented in the report.


The LSS Audit is pre-requisite to any Maintenance Contract on systems that have not been installed by Zootech.


To book an Audit on your existing LSS or just for further information, please call 0330 311 2575 or e-mail