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Tank Dimensions

Aquatech Jellyfish Tanks

Our Aquatech Jellyfish aquariums are made in the UK from clear cast acrylic. Both the Aurelia and Cassiopeia range provide slow, circular water flow with a bare minimum of interior hardware to prevent delicate animals from becoming injured by pumps or the tank itself.


Originally a German design (kreisel means spinning top), the tank has no sharp corners and keeps the housed animals away from the plumbing. Water moving into the tank via a spray bar gives a gentle flow that keeps the inhabitants suspended. Water leaves the tank to the built in sump through a screen, which prevents jellyfish from being sucked up into the pump intake.


Sometimes referred to as Kreisel and Pseudokreisels, the Aurelia and Cassiopeia tanks are "U" or semicircle shaped, using downwelling inlets that let gravity create a gyre in the tank.






















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The Cassiopeia II & III features 2 Filter Plates and Baffles (Left & Right)

Standard Sizes

Custom sizes always available in addition to Species Specific filtration systems.

Jellyfish tank Kreisel