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Existing LSS Audit & Maintenance

Interrogating Current Life Support System Performance


Where an existing LSS is underperforming, or not achieving the objectives required of the system, a thorough investigation can be undertaken to determine the likely causes.


Is the equipment sized appropriately for the water it is supposed to be processing? Is the equipment achieving the design flow rates or performance criteria? Flow rates can be tested, equipment can be inspected.


Are all the individual items of equipment functioning correctly and efficiently (i.e. are any sand filters channelled or blocked?). Have the required maintenance tasks been undertaken (i.e. ultraviolet steriliser lamp changes)?


What are the exact nature of the problems? Is there an algal bloom affecting water clarity, are particulates causing turbidity or is poor water quality affecting animals health?


Are all the operating staff confident and competent at operating the equipment or are they adopting bad practices to safe time? Are they performing regular maintenance and checks to ensure efficient LSS peformance?


Historical records of water quality can be analysed to spot any underlying trends which may indicate where problems are arising.


Also, systems can be examined to determined if they are energy efficient. Recommendations can be made to improve the hydraulic or electrical efficiency of LSS to significantly lower running costs.


Following the consultation, the client will receive a breakdown of the investigations outlining the nature of the problems and a suggested course of action in a summary report . This will encapsulate the results of these investigations and recommend the appropriate LSS to achieve these objectives, where appropriate different equipment options will be given and the benefits of differing approaches will be clearly explained.


To book an Audit on your existing LSS or just for further information, please acll Zootech on 0330 311 2575 or e-mail