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Micron Horizontal

The Micron Horizontal Filter from Zootech is a space-saving high performer; its compact horizontal design allows installation with minimum waste of space. The shape of the Micron Horizontal Filter is both attractive and functional. The spherical ends are designed to give uniform flow from both inlet and outlet collection assemblies. Micron Horizontal Filters are available with a 500mm (M) filter media bed and a 1200mm (MD) filter media bed.

A Looped distribution and lateral system lateral configuration feature across the entire range of commercial horizontal fibreglass filters. Conventional horizontal filter lateral systems consist of straight piping fitted with laterals along the length of the horizontal filter.


A conventional lateral system results in uneven fluidisation of the filter media bed. The beginning of the lateral system experiences a strong flow of water, which gradually decreases along the length of the lateral piping. Backwash flow also decreases towards the end of each lateral, resulting in non-uniform lifting of the filter media bed.


The hydraulic efficiency of its horizontal filter lateral system has been improved by looping its distributors and laterals. The new lateral configuration provides a more natural flow of water through the filter, ensures optimum water filtration and balanced fluidisation of the filter bed

during backwashing. Its individual laterals are shortened while maintaining filter media bed coverage, reducing the friction head loss of each lateral, further improving the filter’s hydraulic efficiency.


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